8 YouTube Channels Every Entrepreneur MUST Follow

8 YouTube Channels Every Entrepreneur MUST Follow

Uday Agarwal July 26, 2020

YouTube is a great source of education not only for college and school people but also for entrepreneurs who are willing to start their startup or have already started. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a successful company CEO, there's always more to know about running a company, becoming a leader and having a winning attitude.

So, today I am going to list down the best youtube channels that everyone should follow. I have not added YouTube channels according to their importance, It depends on what you are looking for.

Slidebean: Startups 101

Slidebean is a web platform that designs presentations, you need to just add the content and artificial intelligence will design it for you.

In their Youtube channel they talk about the failure stories of startups. They named that series company forensics which also resembles what they do. Not only this, they also tell you the best practices to consider while making you pitch deck or how to raise funds.

Check out there YouTube channel here.


Ycombinator doesn’t need an intro, but for those who don’t know. This is an early stage startup accelerator, which will help you and your startup grow exponentially. If your startup is a part of this accelerator, then your startup success is going to shoot up.

In their youtube channel they have discussed almost everything about startups like how to start a startup, how to build an MVP, how to look for investors, how to cold email investors. If you are a person looking to gain knowledge on starting a startup from the leaders of today, then this is definitely a place to check out.

Check out there YouTube channel here.

Startup Grind

Startup Grind is a global community built for entrepreneurs to educate, inspire and connect. Not only this, they also organise conferences from the tech leaders of today talking about how they make it.

Their youtube channel contains the best videos of these conferences.

Check out there YouTube channel here.

Silicon Valley Girl

She is a cofounder of LinguaTrip.com and fluent.express and a YouTube-blogger. Her startup was a part of 500 startups, which helped them to connect with silicon valley based investors and expand their business in the US.

If you are an immigrant and looking for some advice on how to build your startup in the US, then her youtube channel is a place for you. She has also talked to some of the investors in her videos.

Check out there YouTube channel here.

Garry Vee

He also doesn’t need an introduction, but for some. He is an investor and CEO of VaynerMedia. Also, he was an early investor in companies like Uber, Twitter and many more.

His youtube channel is more focused on motivating others to choose the path of Entrepreneurship, being your own boss and not afraid to fail.

If you would like to contact him, check out our investor list . We have compiled a list of 50 investors for us, and now providing it to other statups like us to help them fundraise.

Check out there YouTube channel here.


Joe Rogan is an American comedian, podcast host, and mixed martial arts color commentator. He hosts podcasts with one of the fine leaders in every industry and make them available for eveyone on his YouTube Channel.

Some of his best podcast episodes are:

Check out there YouTube channel here.

GreyLock Partners

Greylock Partners is a venture capital firm based in Silicon valley. Their youtube channel includes talks with one of the best unicorn company founders.

I personally like their Blitzscaling playlist where they talk about billion dollar companies' founders, how they scaled their companies from Idea to acquiring their early customers and from there to successful ones.

Some of the best blitzscaling talks are:

Check out there YouTube channel here.

Improvement Pill

This one is not specific to Entrepreneurship. Building a startup needs skills, habits, a lot of patience and many more other things. This is a self-improvement channel which talks about best habits, and how to build them.

Check out there YouTube channel here.

These are one of the channels, where I will look first, if I am looking to know something about startups. There can be other channels better than these which I may be haven't discovered yet.