Break Train Journey to get confirmed seats

Uday Agarwal Posted on June 26, 2020, midnight

Techlead at Voxup

Break Train Journey to get confirmed seats

In India, it's very difficult to find a confirmed seat on a train mostly during Diwali and Holi days as everyone is going to their homes.

If there is an app or a website that tells break journey's like if I want to go from Delhi to Jaipur and confirmed seat is not available in trains. So, it should tell go from Delhi to some point B and then from that point B to Jaipur.

Really Needed, Please someone built it.

- Uday posted a problem regarding Travel from India

Confirmtkt used to do this. Not sure why they stopped.

Any legal or Indian railways restrictions?may be?

Deepak kumar

17 Jul 2020, 9:48 p.m.

Until they provide us the train tickets, I think IRCTC can’t interfere.

It’s IRCTC who is providing companies with the railways api and taking money from them.

Yeah, confirmtkt provide this service but I remember when I was in college and my friends build this as their semester project, their code was more accurate and more number of suggestions of point B.


18 Jul 2020, 4:57 a.m.

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