Buy back of notebooks after use

Shresth Jindal Posted on March 9, 2021, 7:53 a.m.

Business development at Voxup

Buy back of notebooks after use

Here is an idea ...@Uday give it a thought

E - commerce website for Rough notebooks and people can sell them to seller after use at a lesser price and then the notebook can be recycled.

People have a lot of paper waste- Categories that generate such waste are students, school (assignment- bigest wastage tbh), Corporates,a lot of govt. offices etc.

All of them wants to get rid of the paper waste so they usually throw them away in dusbin.

instead if they want they can sell them to use and they will be get points/coins according to the amount and use these point to avail vouchers

- Shresth posted a problem regarding Designing from Afghanistan

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