Bringing parents and kids closer to each other

Manik Singla Posted on July 21, 2020, 10:11 a.m.

Bringing parents and kids closer to each other

I see modern small families today. all members (especially the kids and young parents) are busy with their phones always.

The content on the TV does not have huge overlap and hence all the members are watching their own content on their own devices.

Work and School timings hardly have any overlap.

Possible Solution

  1. What if their an app on the phone of the parents and kids which they use to do some stuff.
  2. The app should be smart enough to know who is it, young school going kid, busy father who comes late, working mom, or college going teen sister and accordingly sort of show stuff to the family to bring them together.
  3. The app could have a family wishlist, ways to see where next to travel, collaborative ecommerce shopping( adding things to grocery cart), some family quiz, comparing foot steps, and storing family pictures and videos, keeping list of birthdays of cousins and having emergency number of friends.
  4. It could also have the whole digital pocket money setting behaviour if the kids are small.

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