The unbundled MBA- High-quality network curation supporting lifelong learning

Voxup Posted on Oct. 7, 2020, 1:11 p.m.

The unbundled MBA- High-quality network curation supporting lifelong learning

What Chief has done to modernize and uplevel Young Presidents' Organization and intra-company women's networks, a NewCo should do to business school.

Roughly 200K students graduate with MBAs annually, many of whom spend almost $200K for the privilege. That equates to $40B in aggregated annual spend. While some matriculators return to school to acquire new tangible skills and pivot their careers, many enroll for (1) high-quality network expansion beyond their undergraduate and siloed professional networks, and (2) intellectually engaging discourse surrounding topics of the time. 

Might one be able to fulfill these latter two variables through a modernized program? Could diverse and intellectually complementary cohorts coming together in high impact environments — think dinner series, week-long offsites, and so on — be the answer? In our increasingly interdisciplinary world, it's time for greater accessibility in higher education and between industry networks.

-- Meera Clark, Investor at Obvious Ventures

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