How motionshot generated $5000+ revenue

How motionshot generated $5000+ revenue

Learn from the stories behind hundreds of profitable businesses and side projects.

$6000 Revneue | 1 employees | Pramod Kumar Founder


This guy, left his job in Dec 2023 and started to build in public. Since then he build multiple SAAS products while sharing his Journey on X but his first 2 products he got no customers and barely earned any revenue. Later, he pivoted to another Idea and after 3-4 pivots in the same domain and testing more than 10 pricing models, he earned $5000+ in just a span of 1 month.


What is his backstory?

His is Pramod. He completed his college in 2014 and later joined a service based company Infosys but soon he realized that it is something he is not much interested in and there was not much learning curve as well.

So, he moved to Bangalore and joined the Fintech startup but after 7 months the company got shut down. Later, he joined another startup where apart from technological stuff, he learned a lot about team management.

In 2022(Post covid), he got introduced to buildinpublic community. At that point of time he had no ideas on how businesses work, how to get first customer, how to market product and more but what excited him most is that, he saw that there were many indiehackers who were building products and making money out of it. This is the time, when he decided to start build in public.

His First Product in Build in Public.

In Jan 2023, he build his first product TweeLog while working at a Job. A twitter analytical tool which analyze all your tweets and create a blog out of it but that didn’t worked out as he was expecting. Later he build multiple product which didn’t worked out either and in December 2023 he left his job and started to purse indie hacking full time.

How did you come up with an Idea?

A couple of months before he left his Job, he started to lookout for Ideas and at time he got introduced to Remotion, a tool which help make videos programatically. He got really fascinated by it and the first Idea that came to his mind is to build a video editing tool but while in the process of building he understand that why people will use his platform when there are already great platform out there like capcut and more.

By that time he was a part of Remotion discord group started having some conversation with their makers Jonny Burger and he told them about the his idea of building a timeline component and he got a positive response from them saying yes, that is the component an lot of people have asked for. So, he decided to build it and in just a week he got the first version ready and which he later sold that component for $300.

Later, he stopped getting more reach and his interest got diverted to Bento Grids on how these bento grids are helpful in communicating so much information in just a small space. In bento grids, he added many features like animations, changing background color, zoom in zoom out it and more. but later he was not able to get much customers which lead him to start Motionshot. A tool that helps founders to create product videos at ease. Not only this, we can highlight some of product features easily.

His success with Motionshot?

Motionshot was not an easy bet. It’s not like he build the product and users started to buy it. He tried and tested more than 10 pricing models and still looking to find the perfect one.

Motionshot was initially a part of Slickwid, but soon he realized that it should be an another product. So, he quickly converted it to a single sole product. Initially, it had a monthly and yearly subscription plan same as slickwid but a guy on twitter told him that he needs to buy a lifetime deal and back then Pramod was new to these Life time deals. So, he did a little bit of research and finalized that he will charge him $49. and that was his first customer and after then he sold a lot of LTD around 30-40% from Twitter, a post from reddit and some through private group of LTD on FB. which made his revenue around $5k.

Although, back in his mind he new, he need to find a way to get the recurring revenue. Once, user has bought the life time deal then what next? The customer can use the product for Lifetime that is something a little tricky. So, he turned off his life time deals plans and started a Monthly and Yearly plans and the result was his sales decreased and Motionshot stopped generating revenue for some time . So, he stopped his yearly plan and kept monthly and LTD plan. with this he added more features on the Motionshot and one of the features he added was AI Voiceovers. This was something which he need to pay some money. So, he decided to add a credit system. So, he come with a plan named “One Time” where he gives everything for Life time but the AI voiceover has a limit associated with it. So, Once the user limit is over they can buy more limits which will keep the revenue flowing even with “One Time” or “Life Time Deals”

What your next steps?

Right Now, He plans to create a great distribution system for Motionshot. So, he can get more customers and adding more features to make Motionshot easy for users. Also, If you are looking to buy Motionshot. use the coupon code "BUILDFAST15" below to get 15% discount.