Get your next startup idea.

Get your next business idea.

It is a community built for entrepreneurs to discover people problems to build out a solution.


Voxup makes it much simpler to...


Find a problem that has the market need to originate your startup idea.


Communicate with the problem facers to know more about the problem.


Launch your product and get regular feedback in comments.

Talk to your customers right from the Idea Stage


Solve the problem about which you are really passionate

Categorise the problems based on the domain you are interested in.

Check out problems


Already working on your startup?

Check out the list of investors that we have build for us and now providing it to other statups like us to help them fundraise.

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Our Mission


We want to increase the success rate of startups and help build more market need startups by eliminating the two main reasons for startup failure. We aim to create:-

  • More market needs startups.
  • The like-minded team in startups

Looking for your next startup Idea?

Find problems that people are facing and generate 100 of ideas.

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Post it on Voxup and let entrepreneurs find the ways to deal with it.