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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is Voxup?

    We can’t deny the fact that about 42% of startups fail because of market need. Here you can find problems from the people who face them.

  2. We already have a well-established startup. How can Voxup be helpful for us?
    A unicorn company is built on small innovative blocks.

    If you already have an established startup, there is still more to do something which will help you to expand. Figure out more problems in your current domain and try to solve them.

  3. How can voxup be helpful for us if we only have an idea?

    To figure out whether the problem you are solving has the market need or not. Post your idea on Voxup and see how many upvotes you get.

  4. What if someone stole my idea?

    There are chances the someone can steal your idea, but what matters most after finding out that the problem you are solving has the need is the execution of that idea and team.

An Individual

  1. What is Voxup?

    It is a platform where you can tell your problems to those who can solve them like Entrepreneurs, startups, Company Executives.

  2. How will you know whether startups can solve your problem or not?

    When you are irritated by some product or services or something else which makes you think if there could be something like this, and I can use that, if you feel like this, then your problem can be solved by startups.

  3. How shall I post my problems so, startups or entrepreneurs can grasp most of it?

    There are three simple steps to post your problem, which will help entrepreneurs to grab most from it:

    1. Figure out what is the problem.
    2. Figure out what is missing in current solutions(product or services) which lead you to that problem.
    3. Figure out what can be build(some Idea) which will solve that problem.
  4. How much time will it take to get my problem solved?

    Most Entrepreneurs or Startups take about 1-3 months to build an MVP. So, you will get a necessary product to use in 1-3 months.

  5. Will there be any incentives if we post our problem?

    We don’t provide any money to those who post problems, but you can get much more worthy than money.

    1. You will be helping the founder of the company.
    2. Making connections with the upcoming CEO’s are the great source to get an interview in a company.
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