6 effective ways to search a business idea

6 effective ways to search a business idea

Written by Mansi Aggarwal June 1, 2020


In recent times, due to a sharp upsurge in the demand by consumers for both consumer goods and services, the scope for businesses worldwide has taken a flight. Therefore, nowadays we can easily encounter inclination towards the start-up trend.

The most important aspect of any business venture to success lies in the uniqueness of the idea with which it is set up.

Many people look forward to stepping into venturing their own business strategy, but generally, they do miss out on the pre-eminent step in the league, i.e. probing for the business idea. Certainly, if you are ruminating on how to dwell upon the formulation of a business idea? Then get ready to explore the trail to end your search for answers.


Contemplation of the idea

Look around and find a problem

What makes you annoying and frustrated. I have an issue other people have it too and they all want to get rid of it.


Uber is a great example of it. It was really difficult to find a cab when needed and people had suffered from unreasonable pricing as well. Uber analysed the problem provided with a solution where people can book a cab using their cell phone and get the price on their screen. This brings down all the hustle that people had to deal with before. Today Uber is the World's Leading Companies.


Another great example is OYO rooms, Ritesh Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of OYO found out that people find it really difficult to Book a Hotel room and often there are no proper services. With OYO he standardised the hotels and gave them branding which led to an increase in the Revenue by around 80%. Today OYO is a Unicorn startup and World’s Top 10 Hotels Chain.

One needs to trace our answers to certain questions before actually starting with the formation of an idea.

What education do you have? What is your sphere of expertise? Initially interrogating the inner self is a must to get your business going.

Don’t forget to bring light upon the identification of an industry that fits into your talent space and more importantly that will satisfy your wants

Read, Research & Discover

Write down about you care about

Once the self-evaluation stage is passed out, list down all the ideas running in your mind. Choose only the ideas you like. Don’t follow the herd, create your own path.

Analysis of the Trends

Take the time, go to the library, read books, newspaper, suffer the internet and research thoroughly on each and every idea that brainstormed with you. Since timing places a crucial role in startup success rate, keeping yourself up to date with the latest trends in business and technology would be a great idea

Apply the well-known business model to other industry

Find some successful business model and try to apply the idea in some other industry.

E.g. Make an Producthunt for X, Make a DoorDash for Y, Ola for Z. You got the point.

Hear people’s problem

Keep the focus on the target markets and accordingly analyse the best-needed idea of time. Find a problem to solve.
The Discovery of a niche market and moulding their desires into a product is the best path to success in business.

The best way to discover people problems that are faced by the people to go on Voxup problems page and takes first-mover advantage from a wide array of categories that you are interested in.

Improve the existing startups

Create the extraordinary

You don’t have to come up with something new altogether every time, you can make improvement in existing businesses in the market and launch your own startup

Work with existing startups

If you can have an idea which can help businesses already in the market to grow, don’t let that opportunity go. Find the problem that companies face on a regular basis and provide an aid to this.
To find those problems, you can go on Linkedin or on our website where People write problems.

Using surveys to get hold of a start-up idea

Surveys are a good start

Understanding the industry needs is a very crucial step.
It has been rightly said that consumers are drivers of a business, and therefore taking account of their individual preferences is very important.

Get validation

Write the Context of your idea here and then get feedback right away from people, that would help in getting the Validation done

Ask an expert

For an expert opinion, reach out to an investor through their email or on social media. I have messaged Garry Tan, co-founder @ Initialized Capital & partner @ Y combinator on Instagram and he has replied to me and gave me advice about a startup idea.

We have a compiled a list of 50 investors to whom you can pitch your idea. Find the link to attached list here.

Cognizance about consumer needs and then building a product to meet them will definitely make the success knock the door of your enterprise.

Create a Minimum Viable Product

Now that you have an idea, create an MVP and get feedback on the product before you start investing more money into the business.

Build a team

It is a good time to build a team. For that ask your friend or family member to get involved in the startup. You can also find team members through LinkedIn or collaborate with people working on the same idea.


While scrutinizing your ideas this way, you will certainly encounter the best start-up idea that does fulfil market needs and add value to society at large.
At the end don’t forget to stay aligned with what you enjoy the most, what will ultimately satisfy your personal obligations.

Get yourself going

Go easy, as slow and steady wins the race.

According to Inc.com, The best ideas come when the brain is not stressed and it also increases productivity (Click here to know more).

A startup idea will take some time to succeed. It will not happen immediately but eventually. Just don’t give up on your idea.

  • Use feedback as a confirmation and let it happen.
  • Look for improvement and Excel takes a flight to excel in a business venture.

Let the ideas swirl around in your brain box. Think with an open mind and widen the domain to let the entrepreneur in you get wings to make you fly high. Don’t forget to wear the most essential ornament of confidence. Dream big, ponder a lot and plan before execution- and you are all set to get your business sailing smooth.